Lower Bow River

This flyfishing trip begins in Calgary and culminates at Carseland. This river is known as trophy water. The Lower Bow is internationally renowned as being one of the best fly-fishing destinations in the world. Composed of, and augmented by, a natural arrangement of smaller streams, these bountiful waters serve to make the area an enticing setting for many flyfishing enthusiasts. At Tightline Adventures, we strive to maximize your enjoyment of the world-class Bow River. 

Because the Lower Bow is easily navigated by boat, we at Tightline Adventures offer a variety of expeditions. Drift Boat trips are the best way for an experienced flyfishing enthusiast to fish the river. The boats, which are 'Mackenzie River' style drift boats, designed specifically for fly-fishing, can accommodate a total of 3 people (guide included). Clients will have the opportunity to fish from the boat, but we will also make frequent stops to get out and wade prime fishing holes.

Through a unique blend of local knowledge and remarkable fly-fishing skill, our guides will assist in making your voyage to the Lower Bow memorable, regardless of your level of experience. With our trips, novice fly-fishers will be taught proper techniques and fishing methods, which will maximize their chances of hooking, landing and releasing the more trout. Though the Lower Bow is abundant in fish and boasts many fly-fishing successes, our guides will ensure even expert anglers have the opportunity for a challenge.

​Cost $650.00 CND  Call or Book Online